Mobile Flow Rack

Keneco Mobile Flow Rack is used in distribution and manufacturing for carton handling and ordering picking operations. Offering increased flexibility to meet changing production processes and requirements, Keneco Mobile Flow Rack offers many great features designed to enhance productivity while reducing costs and time.

  • Saves floor space
  • Always first in, first out
  • Easily moved where needed
  • Faster picking
  • Increased picking accuracy
  • Saves labor


Can be made to your specifications!

  • WIDTH: 2’ to 6’
  • DEPTH: 3’ to 6’
  • HEIGHT: Up to 8’


  • Kenrail Track - adjustable on ½” centers
  • Roller Runways
  • Please visit our Track & Guide Options page for more detailed information.


  • All-welded construction for easy assembly
  • Heavy duty 11 and 13 gauge steel
  • Straight or Knuckled shelves
  • Shelves can be reversed for empty carton returns
  • Shelf frames are adjustable vertically on ¾” centers
  • Rigid and swivel casters with brakes
Mobile Flow Rack
with Knuckled Shelves

Mobile flow racks are available using
Keneco Beamtrack or Beamdeck Conveyor Style track.

Beamtrack Mobile Flow RackBeamtrack Mobile Flow Rack

Beamdeck Mobile Flow RackBeamdeck Mobile Flow Rack

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