Keneco Beamdeck: Skate Wheel Conveyor Carton Flow

Keneco Beamdeck offers you skate wheel conveyor style carton flow for your pallet rack system, providing you with ultimate flexibility for handling virtually any sized carton. Perfect for applications where carton or tote widths vary, Beamdeck does not require lane profiling!

Low profile Beamdeck installs easily between beams, saving on vertical space.

Perfect for inventory management and order picking operations, Beamdeck offers you many useful features and options, including optional knuckle front that presents the carton at a 20° angle for faster, ergonomic split case picking.

  • Skate Wheel conveyor style carton flow
  • Large 1.9” High Density polyethylene wheels for smooth flow
  • High capacity of up to 50 lbs. per foot of track
  • Low Profile - Installs between beams, Saves vertical space
  • Knuckle Front Option for Faster, Ergonomic split case picking
  • Ultimate Flexibility for virtually any carton/tote size
  • No Shelves Required

Featuring easy, drop-in installation, Keneco Beamdeck attaches with full length galvanized steel hangers to step, box or structural beams.


  • AXLES: Steel Axles on 2” or 3” centers
  • WHEELS: 1.9” dia. x 1” wide high density polyethylene on
    2 ¾” centers across track width
  • LOAD: Up to 50 lbs. per foot capacity
  • WIDTHS: 15.75” or 12.75” overall width
  • PITCH: 1” per foot recommended for most cartons
  • UNSUPPORTED SPANS: up to 10'

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