Track & Guide Options

Keneco carton flow rack track and guide can be used with new and existing flow rack systems. Durable, reliable, and designed to provide you with maximum flexibility for all your carton flow handling and order picking operations, select from standard or custom sized options at no extra charge to build the exact system you need for your specific application.

As the most important component of any flow rack, the Kenrail Track stands apart from the competition for its superior features and performance. Constructed with a galvanized finish for a lifetime of rust-free use, the Kenrail Track features a downward-facing design that ensures continued flow by making it resistant to collected debris. For optimal carton flow, the track features polyethylene wheels that are 7/8” in diameter on 1 ½” centers.

Similar to Kenrail Track but with steel axles for greater impact resistance.

Kenrail Track is also available with ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Rollers

Designed to handle products that are heavy, oddly shaped and/or have irregular bottoms, the Keneco Roller Runways are often used for managing metal tote boxes, paint cans, pails, automotive batteries, and other such items. The full-width rollers are ¾” diameter aluminum with steel axles for durability and weight. Roller centers can be 1”, 2”, or 3” depending on what’s needed. Track widths are available in 6”, 9”, 12” or 15”. The recommended pitch is typically 1” per ft. but it is best to test and set pitch for optimal flow. The maximum capacity of a roller runway section is 50 lb. per ft. Overall capacity is determined by shelf frame.

Made of durable galvanized steel to withstand abuse and demanding environments, Keneco full length Guide is used to separate lanes. The guide is adjustable on ½” centers across shelf width.


Remember to call us at 1-800-932-0121 to get expert assistance selecting or customizing your Keneco carton flow rack system. To help you understand how your Keneco gravity flow rack system will meet your application requirements, you can request a customized CAD drawing to scale! Avoid the frustration of trying to fit your specific application to a standard system. Our carton flow experts will customize the exact system you need so you’re sure to meet your efficiency goals!

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Keneco is unique in the industry for offering all carton flow rack types. Whether you’re looking for custom or standard carton flow, or to convert your pallet racks to carton flow, you will find it here.

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