Specialty Racks

Keneco offers a number of specialty flow racks designed for specific applications. If you have an application that requires a specialty flow rack that you don’t see here, Keneco can design and manufacture one for you that meets your application needs.


Call us at 1-800-932-0121 to get expert assistance selecting your Keneco specialty flow rack. Our carton flow consultants will make sure you get a specialty flow rack solution that allows you to get your work done more efficiently!

Auto Battery Flow Rack

Auto Battery Flow Rack

  • Automatic stock rotation
  • Easy access, Avoid injuries
  • Heavy Duty - Welded uprights with 3" wide post
  • Save floorspace
  • Conveyor track - 9-3/4" wide with 3/4" diameter rollers on 2" centers

Healthcare Flow Rack with Knuckled Shelves

Hospital, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Specialty Flow Rack Solutions

  • Full case or piece picking
  • Great for IVs, medications, general hospital supplies
  • Cartons loaded at rear and flow on roller tracks to front picking location
  • Custom sizes available!
  • Knuckled shelves for split case picking or straight shelves for full case picking
  • Casters can be added for mobility

Additional Specialty Flow Rack Solutions:

Greenhouse Flow Rack

Product Return Flow Rack
with Reverse Knuckled Shelves

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Keneco is unique in the industry for offering all carton flow rack types. Whether you’re looking for custom or standard carton flow, or to convert your pallet racks to carton flow, you will find it here.

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