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Keneco Gravity Flow Racks Offer Efficiencies and Savings Over Static Order Picking Systems


Traditional pallet racks and shelving represent static storage solutions. Static storage occupies double the amount of floor space compared with gravity flow systems. Typically requiring 2 to 4 times more pickers and more walking, static storage is both inefficient and labor intensive.

Such inefficiencies add to time and cost, causing inventory control, stock rotation and picking accuracy problems that slow productivity and time-to-market.


A Keneco gravity flow rack is a live storage system that moves product from the stocking to the picking side by gravity, along inclined shelves equipped with roller tracks.  The Keneco gravity flow rack system saves time, labor and floor space. Floor space is saved because fewer aisles are needed to reach the same amount of products. A first in, first out stock rotation is always achieved. The fact that just one carton of each line item is located on the pick face means that a large number of SKU's are presented to the picker over a small area. Less time spent walking and searching for items means fewer pickers with less supervision, which increases efficiency and gives you significant labor savings.


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